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The 9 People Who Are Most Likely To Cheat On You

Posted August 12th, 2014 @ 5:04pm

So data was gathered from the 1 bazillion dating websites out there, including, to reveal who are biggest cheaters.

My favorite:

#9: Guys named Wayne.

Yeah, apparently those guys are douche bags

The Most Shocking:

#6: Female teachers...someone oughtta teach them a lesson


Are you ready for the #1 BIGGEST CHEATER?!

Well, according to HuffPo, it's TALL MEN. That's right, dudes 5'10" and above are most likely to cheat.

Lucky for me, I'm 5 foot so 5'10" and under is plenty tall for me (nudge, nudge).

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of the '9 People Most Likely To Cheat On You'

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