Well, this falls right in line with Tamo's Life Rule #76: No man, under any circumstances, should own a cat. Ever.

Yes, women are the exception because as a woman I know that there is something deeply and undeniable messed up with our brains.  Oh, you don't agree?  When is the last time you loved a douchebag, or a man you KNEW wasn't a good idea?  HUH?  HUH?  Tell me you never cried over nonsense and then ate a whole bag of chips!  Check. Mate. Bitch.


Sorry! I digress...Back to cats sucking.


Here are 12 reasons cats suck


and my favorite...


1. The reason you even like cats in the first place is because of a parasite in your brain


Your brain is home to millions of protozoa, but one in particular, called Toxoplasma gondii, manipulates your behavior to force you to like cats.

This parasite, which lives in 30 to 50 percent of the world’s human brains, can only reproduce in the digestive tracts of cats. And, like many living things, it wants to continue surviving, so it has to continue reproducing. But if it lives in human brains, how can it reproduce? Enter cats.

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