From our friends at the VA Humane Society.  This is really easy to do, just click the link. 


SB 228 / Bailey’s Law – to crack down on puppy mills

This bill soared through the Senate but has tough adversaries in the House of Delegates.  It will be heard in the House Agriculture committee *this Wednesday morning* so even if you have called and emailed your Delegate on Bailey’s Law PLEASE DO SO AGAIN TODAYThe puppy mill industries and pet stories have rallied this week and are mobilizing dozens of calls and contacts to legislatorsWE HAVE GOT TO BE A LOUDER VOICE FOR THE ANIMALS!  We MUST speak for them!  If you don’t who will?  Please just take a few minutes to once again contact your legislator—You can use this easy action alert here but please don’t miss the critical step of also making a phone call.  Please post/crosspost/share this alert via email and Facebook to everyone you know!


HB 972 –to protect victims of domestic violence and pets


This bill advanced from the House of Delegates, passed through Senate Courts of Justice and will be heard by the Senate Finance committee soon. You can use this action alert to contact your Senator.