Have you heard of Unlocking the Truth!? Meet the members of the Brooklyn-based preteen metal band: Drummer Jarad Dawkins (12), guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse (13) and bassist Alec Atkins (13). They started playing when they were only five years old, and have had a hard time with bullies in school because...well, everyone is probably jealous that they rock so hard.

Brickhouse told The Avant/Garde Diaries, "I know a lot of people doubt me. But then I really don't listen to those people, because I know I'm going to be famous anyway."

That's why it's even more awesome that Unlocking the Truth has gotten the recognition they deserve - hi, haters! They went viral last year after a fan uploaded a video of them playing in Times Square - to top it off, they played at Coachella this year. 

The New York Post is reporting that the band just landed a $1.8 million record deal from Sony, and the guys couldn't be more psyched. Huge congrats to Alec, Malcolm and Jarad!