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AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd can put his aviation case behind him.  New Zealand's "Waikato Times" says a judge has dismissed a charge that the rocker intentionally lied on his 2012 application for a pilot's license. 

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority claimed Rudd denied any prior drug use in a deceptive attempt to get approval to fly helicopters.  The CAA brought up the charge after discovering Rudd's admission to police of marijuana and cocaine use during a 2010 drug raid.  But his attorney told the court Rudd's drug use ended with the raid, and his conviction in the case was overturned on appeal, which is why he answered "no" to the question. 

In his ruling, the judge said he was "very, very suspicious that Mr. Rudd answered the question falsely," and added that Phil "was not a convincing witness."  He also admitted the question was misleading, so he was forced to dismiss the charge. 

The judge added that if he were riding in a helicopter, he "wouldn't want Mr. Rudd to be the pilot."  Rudd was also charged with failing to maintain a pilot's logbook, to which he pled guilty and received a fine of just over $630.  He was also required to pay court costs of $126. 

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